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People use MyDoc to see a doctor, get prescriptions and MCs, and view health screening results.

Everything is kept in one place. It's convenient and easy to use.

10 min
MyDoc wait time
Clinic wait time
(MOH 2017)

What are people using MyDoc for?


Appointment booking
Chronic disease management
Child health concerns
General medical advice
Medical advice abroad
Medical certificates
Prescription refills
Second opinion on results
Mental wellbeing*
Sexual health*
Weight loss*

Health issues

Cold & flu
Eye infection & irritation
Gas & acid reflux
Headaches & migraine
Muscular strain & sprains
Sinus problems
Skin problems, rash & acne


Sore throat
Stomach pain or cramps
Urinary tract infections
Vaginal & menstrual issues
Yeast infection
* Coming Soon

Find and join a group.

Ask health and product questions to get expert answers from our team of trained Guardian pharmacists and MyDoc doctors.

Your personal health companion.

Pixi, the MyDoc bot, keeps you in the loop and lets you know what's coming up.

Schedule consults
Deliver your results
Score your health*
Assess your wellness*
Track your symptoms*
Answer your questions* 
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  • 24/7 online GP consults
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical certificates
  • Offline health services
  • Annual health screening

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Very innovative and useful app!
Christina Choi
I avoided wasted trips and got advice almost like F2F. Convenient & timesaving.
Lisa Neo
Very good and convenient.
Celine Teo