MyDoc for Healthcare Providers

Find out why healthcare professionals love using MyDoc Pro, a service specifically developed to provide the convenience of MyDoc’s patient service to healthcare professionals.

Why use MyDoc

MyDoc Professional is a leading healthcare tool for medical teams, hospitals and clinics to create effective and efficient care teams. Using MyDoc, healthcare professionals are provided the ideal tools to offer the best care possible to the patients. This secure communications platform, provides the security and peace-of-mind essential to maintaining the highest quality of care in healthcare.

  • MyDoc has allowed me enabled me to follow-up on my patients in between face-to-face consultations. I can also annotate and track the medical advice which I have given. Moreover, I can also schedule them as non-urgent consults which I can then do during my free time. It has improved the quality of care which I can provide to my patient

    Dr Lai Junxu Family Physician, Director - OmniMed Healthcare, 2016

How MyDoc Pro works

MyDoc Pro is a healthcare professional mobile and web service that provides medical groups such as hospitals and clinics, the capability to efficiently manage care teams. By providing a secure platform that enables chat, document and image sharing, as well as an in-built peer referral system, MyDoc offers healthcare professionals an easy and seamless experience.


MyDoc Pro users can create a secure group for team messaging, private chat and file sharing. By using this PDPA-compliant system, healthcare professionals have a secure communications tool to efficiently and effectively manage care teams spread across the country.


MyDoc has integrated with laboratories for faster and more efficient diagnostics. With a built-in DICOM viewer; radiology scans, reports and blood test results are seamlessly transferred directly from the lab to the patients and healthcare professionals.

MyDoc Patient Engagement Platform

MyDoc’s Patient Engagement platform is the most effective clinical solution for medical triage systems to manage patient queries, cost-efficiently schedule appointments and engage patients.