Digital Concierge

Utilise the MyDoc network to develop and manage an engaging and efficient healthcare concierge service for your customers. Effectively roster, organize and manage customer queries or issues through MyDoc’s mobile and online service. The MyDoc platform empowers organisations to effectively streamline their existing operations, saving them cost and time.

Seamlessly insert a digital triage or call-centre within your service to effectively engage your customers. MyDoc’s easy-to-use system makes rostering easy and an effective admin portal allows our customers to have full control over their service.

Access to a wide database of existing MyDoc customers across Asia

Efficiently manage assets and offer cost efficient value to users

Leverage MyDoc’s network of healthcare services to offer greater value to customers

Seamless integration with existing concierge or triage services

Proven Success

MyDoc’s Digital Concierge powers AXA Singapore’s ‘Live Doctor Consults’ service and AXA Assistance’s DocConnect service. Currently available to thousands of policy holders, the service connects AXA-Assistance agents, healthcare professionals and policy holders on the MyDoc platform.

This value-added service and cost-efficient model is setting the standard for digital health services in Asia, providing a unique health benefit for consumers in Asia.

Other Services

Using MyDoc’s digital concierge model has shown utilization rates up to 3 times the rate of other services