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Leading Insurer embraces digital healthcare

A 160-year old insurer recognised that the health care system is ripe for change, and declared an ambition to play a key role in helping to build a simpler, more integrated system. They wanted to transform healthcare in the lives of their staff, customers, and communities in every market. Their HR team needed a proven digital healthcare platform that could improve healthcare access and reduce cost inflation.

Will being a generous employer keep talents happy?

Despite the generous investment in health benefits from the company, employees were unsatisfied and continued to express frustrations faced. The inefficiencies and inconveniences of accessing medical care after clinic hours remained unresolved. Healthcare was limited to specific hours only. Employees were unable to get the care they needed especially in the early hours of the morning. Having the benefit of fully waived outpatient medical bills also resulted in high utilisation rates when A&E services and specialist services are utilised.

Furthermore, it was becoming increasingly harder to justify the investment when costs continued to rise year-on-year. There was no visible improvement in overall employee health, absenteeism or productivity. The incidence of chronic illness continued to drive annual cost inflation. There was a real challenge to reduce costs without sacrificing employee benefits to remain as a highly attractive employer to attract and retain the best talents.

HR uses MyDoc to remain a competitive employer without compromising employee medical benefits

In early 2018, the HR team decided to use MyDoc to offer continuous cost-effective coordinated care to employees. The company identified a need to use MyDoc’s platform to alleviate health benefit expenditure and improve the general health of employees. MyDoc strategically placed their platform as a gatekeeper by making patients “go virtual” as the first approach with remote care to alleviate expenses. This includes the concept of co-paying for clinical visits unless those were referred through the MyDoc service for further treatment.

This plan was easy to take up due to MyDoc working with their insurance companies and costs being automatically built into the plan. This results in no delays in medical claims or further complexities in which HRs or employees may struggle with.

Employees were given a higher level of protection, with flexibility and mobility in their access and usage of their personal professional medical care team on MyDoc’s platform. According to survey feedback, employees are highly satisfied with the efficient and helpful allied health professionals on MyDoc. They are happier and less worried about any symptoms experiencing, as they have easy access to medical attention anytime, anywhere. Moreover, because the plan allows for dependents having access, working parents are less concerned about their family members falling ill and requiring medical attention as more care is now available to them.

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