About Us

We aim to be the global access point to easy and effective healthcare

About MyDoc

Started in 2012, MyDoc has become Asia’s top digital health brand with partners including leading global insurers AXA and AIA, regional pharmaceutical powerhouse Guardian Pharmacy and many more.  

Through a digital platform, MyDoc integrates all aspects of healthcare onto one, easy-to-use platform.

Headquartered in Singapore, MyDoc has built a comprehensive healthcare services network across Asia that connects organisations, governments and patients to doctors, pharmacies, insurers and laboratories. Working with our partners in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and other markets, MyDoc is current redefining the healthcare industry and driving innovation to ensure better healthcare for everyone.

Redefining Healthcare

MyDoc Leadership

  • Dr Snehal Patel
    Dr Snehal Patel CEO and Co-Founder
  • Dr Vas Metupalle
    Dr Vas Metupalle CIO and Co-Founder
  • Mark Ridley
    Mark Ridley Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering
  • John Sawers
    John Sawers Head of Product
  • Bethany Boll
    Bethany Boll Head of Partnerships
  • Terng Shing Chen
    Terng Shing Chen Head of Marketing
  • Steve Tan
    Steve Tan Head of Finance
  • William Gilchrist
    William Gilchrist Head of Sales

Research and Insights

The Application of Telemedicine in Orthopedic Surgery in Singapore, JMIR 2014

Challenges and solutions to measuring Return on Investment (ROI), PWC 2017