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Simplified Healthcare.
All the pieces together.

MyDoc is a service that brings together doctors, patients, employers and insurers to radically simplify healthcare.

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Plug-In Digital Health. Delight Customers.

Secure tools that look and feel like the consumer apps that patients use everyday.

6x more health screening follow ups

Employees who receive health screening results online and can follow up with their doctor instantly by chat or video.

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Online Results

MyDoc integrates with local labs for health screening and x-ray result delivery. 

Secure Data

Healthcare communication and data securely stored by MyDoc. 

Remote Consults

A clinic isn't always necessary. Patients can access care in the most convenient way. 

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Get responses to your medical questions by message or video using MyDoc
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Increase Care Team Productivity

Simple technology helps you focus on providing care and seeing more patients.

Team Messaging

Secure chat for health teams on iOS, Android and web. 


Less paper forms with online patient referrals.

Offer Remote Care

Connect with your patients and engage them online.

Lab Integrations

View PDF, lab results, DiCOM images and more. 

Validated & Battle-Tested

"MyDoc ticks all the boxes and is something all hospitals and healthcare personnel should consider promoting."

The Application of Telemedicine in Orthopedic Surgery in Singapore, JMIR  2014
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